My hair is the perfect length right now

If it could just stop growing it’d be perfect.


happy for you, perfect hair is an unattainable goal for me but then that’s probably because I don’t go to a hairperson

I did a thread on how long would you bank keeping your hair at the prefect length for if you could very recently but can’t find it!

a spray that kept your hair at its exact length it is now for 6 months suddenly exists! It costs £100

  • I would not buy this
  • I would buy this

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does it work on my beard

It works EVERYWHERE :wink:

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I mean I wouldn’t use it right now but I would definitely buy it

Oooooh! Goodbye to shaving my armpits!

is it £100 for a bottle and the bottle lasts for ages or is it £100 a sqoosh

Costs more than what I would spend on haircuts by quite a distance so I’d pass. Would do it for £50.

For some reason, no matter how much you use it only lasts that 6 months

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Oh wait, everywhere? Guess if I was taking into account saved costs on shaving for legs/underarms it might be worth it.

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So long, Bumbeard!

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Wish there were a pirate called Bumbeard

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Don’t pay for haircuts myself, but think what I could do with the time id save!