My hairdresser has decided he's gonna fuck off to NZ


bad times, man. hardest thing in the world, finding a solid hairdresser.

not sure what I’m gonna do, to be honest


I hear Wellington is a nice place to live pal


something about putting the boot in


What’s your hair like?


lank, but good bounce


I just bought some Sistema tupperware (big flat one for baked goods). It was made in NZ.


Sounds standard. Can you just go somewhere else?


minefield though, isn’t it. I had a solid chick doing it for a decade or so, but got barred in the end. might see if I can sneak back in somehow




How the fuck do you get barred from a hairdressers’?!


I’d like to hear more about this as well if possible


Fuck that, I feel for you dude. Gotta try and find somewhere where the chat is awkward enough but not just guilt inducing silence.

Also have to suss out a new tipping policy in line with the fee.

Getting anxious just thinking about this.


I used to get my haircut first thing in the morning and they never had change. one partuicular time, they tried to give me £8 worth of change in 20p’s and I said I wasn’t having it.

pointed out that as a business owner, it is their responsibility to have a float ready in the morning.she got a bit shirty, took some cash out of her purse and slapped it in my hand. I ignored this aggression and rode off on my bike, like a true dude

got a text later saying I’m not welcome anymore and no one likes me there anyway.


That last paragraph has completely done me.


Yeah. :D/D: for sure.


*dayglo pushbike


Fuck them, man. Not worthy of you.


still no closer to solving this particular conundrum. not done anything about it, to be completely honest.

my mate gets a mobile hairdresser to do it. might hop on board this.

mobile hairdressers?


I am never going to my barber again. It’s cheap but fucking hell the guy does a terrible job. I’m a bit worried that he’s got a serious health issue that seems to be affecting his ability to remember things and speak properly. It’s really sad. He is also the carer for his sister who has Down’s :frowning:

Last few times I’ve been he’s just not really finished the job and wandered off to do things multiple times while cutting my hair, but seemingly forgetting what he left for.

Also last time he only charged me £6 instead of £8. Actually if he starts charging me £6 every time I’m never going anywhere else <3


still not got a hairdresser. jesus!

hair is sitting on my head like a fucking pancake. no good. no good at all