My invention



Is it a likkle diving board?

Came up with a good invention the other day which I haven’t and won’t Google to see if it exists

Glove torches - like regular gloves with with high powered light beams at the end of each finger so rather than have to carry a torch like a TOTAL PRICK you can just point to where you want to be illuminated and have your hands free. With two gloves you can get the joy of illuminating two separate areas!

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An apparatus comprising:
a first solid member;
a second solid member; and
means for attaching the first solid member to a substantially stable surface;
wherein said second solid member is attached to at least a first surface of said first solid member by a first fixing means.

what the fuck is it for


Alright Iron Man

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Sorry I only watch films for grown ups. Like you and crisps.

I don’t remember signing away the rights to that screenplay

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We went through all this when u agreed to be my patent guy!, remember? You said “hey guy if this doesn’t sure make us some riches I’m about a throw this whole patent stuff out this here windaw”

That does sound like me tbf


Am I doing pointing wrong?

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My work sells wooly hats with a light built in so I don’t need this garbage. Good luck though!

I think as this was posted in my thread, it becomes the property of Soluventions ©, my company. The name is quite clever as it is the words solutions and inventions merged together! my patent guy @Epimer came up with it!

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Gonna be able to illuminate a really wide field of vision with a single light are you? Get out of my fucking workshop

That was meant to be a reply to @anon19035908

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Ok give me £10 and I’ll be on my way

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Soluventions don’t create garbage mate. We create “solutions with inventions” as per the tag line of our proud company

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I like your spirit. You are our new creative director! What gifs do you know?

Excited Man, Crying Baby and Woman Laughing Into Mug

This is gonna be great!

Illuminate this :fu::fu::fu:

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