My invention

Would be better to invent retinal night vision implants.

Can you patent this for me @japes?

That’s actually the tag line and basic premise of our art on the box. See u in court @Epimer


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And that’s just 1/3 of my knowledge!

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Got quite excited with all the creativity flowing and cut a table in half.


How did I come up with this? Thank you all for asking. I actually got this idea watching the classic movie Aliens the other day. Ripley is farting around with a touch strapped to a gun or something and can really hardly see anything and really is in a spot of bother and I thought to myself how limited the world of illumination innovation ® is and that something needs to change.


I think you’ve cracked it mate.


Do you ship to Aus? I think I might need 10.

If only we had anothr solution that could ALSO free up your hands!!??

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Think you’re neglecting the oft-ignored market of people who don’t have heads


Sick of this


my flatmate:

“wouldn’t it be cool if there was like … a swimming pool, but inside your house??”

She just invented the bath, you’re all welcome

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I have an amazing game changing invention that will revolutionise the way you extract juice from fruits.

I will not be sharing it as my beloved partner @Squandered continually threatens to steal my billion dollar idea, and I don’t need anyone else profiting from my brilliance.

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It’s squashing the fruit between two bricks, isn’t it?

Keep it down yeah? I’m trying to sell this

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Really hot gloves should be a thing, imo. For doing your hair and stuff. Why aren’t really hot gloves available to buy??

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I think we’ve already covered that it is now my idea due to rights to thoughts in my thread or something. Idk I’ll get my “legal eagle” (as he insists I call him) @Epimer to talk u through it/serve u papers or something.

How would you take them off?

That’s not important


How about a penis glove that stops pregnancies?

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