My latest get-rich-quick scheme

Following on from this: My latest get rich quick scheme

I’ve got a new foolproof way to become a billionaire like Musk or Bezos. Ready?

What can you do if you take these three things:

  • The convenience of deliveroo
  • The concept of refueling mid-flight
  • Drone technology

I’ll tell you what. You can order a snack, from a sandwich to a massive pizza, and get it delivered to you while you’re on a long journey.

The system will take your route from your sat nav and calculate the best place to get your food ready and where the drone can best meet you on your journey. Imagine being on a long drive and getting a maccys delivered to your window/sunroof.

It’s the future and I’m going to be rich.


I hate to piss on your chips sadders but didn’t some berk do this on a train with a dominoes pizza not too long ago? Is it your plan to commercialise this idea somehow?

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Great. Thanks for the pissy chips, Jezza.

I’m going to make it bigger and more effective using GPS and drone technology. You won’t need to stop for a bite or even a coffee if you don’t want. Or you can still stop, the app will tell you which layby to stop in and the drone will be waiting with your delicious snacky treat.


How much money are you asking for and what percentage of your business are you willing to give up?

Just give me what you’ve got/can borrow, run most aspects of the business for me and you can have 40%.

Have a word with the DiS rainy day funders?

My next money making idea is to make an app that is very, very popular that I can monetise


According to Google Maps, this is my house:

I know I’m on patent twat money but it’s still Cambridge ffs.

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That’s god’s house, mate. Google thinks you’re god.

Finally they get something right.

Looking forward to the Gospel according to The Donnas


Wouldnt the drone get splatted by cars?

This might have already happened, but do people wear VR headsets and control drones?

If you can do that then you could fly your drone to a friends house and hang out with them without leaving your own house. Not really sure what benefits this has, haven’t really thought it through yet.



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The major roadways of the UK, of course, being famously devoid of places to purchase fast food.


Just wasn’t sure this new thing was any better than a video call. Still, patent it up for me please.

nobody really has sunroofs anymore. gone out of fashion a bit.

probably because new cars all have AC

I am not having people eating smelly food in my car whilst I am driving.

I’m OUT!