My latest get-rich-quick scheme

also, I don’t want to boast but our new car has a motherfucking panoramic roof. Which is awesome but you couldn’t deliver a pizza through it.

Oh I see another way of keeping the poor hungry, check your sat nav privileges mate! :smile:

depends how hard you threw the pizza


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No way am I letting someone open their window on a plane mid-flight to collect a takeaway meal.


I’m worried I’m not using my Bnvm much TBH. Any advice on this?


Devices and software for remote visual calling, or “video calling” are well known in the art. Existing methods, however, are limited by the fact that the first user is limited by what they can see with the first video calling device, as the field of view is controlled by the second user’s orientation of the second video calling device. The second user can exploit this limitation by, for example, removing their trousers while giving the impression that they are appropriately clothed.

There therefore remains a need to indulge the first user’s nosiness about the second user’s i) surroundings and ii) level of dress, without the need for the first user to wear trousers themselves. The present inventors have now discovered a solution to this pressing problem.

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a beauty no?

GWARRRGH we get this all the time. I’ll have to do a diagram…

The road that’s red is the same road going by ROAD NAME. None of the houses have numbers, all are named. Our postcode takes you down the southern dead end bit where all the houses (15 or so) are set back from the road so you have to get out and go look at each one to find it.

EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. for taxis, pizza, deliveries, I’ll say “it’s opposite side of road between shops and school and not down either of the dead ends”.

Nope. Food always cold. Drivers always lost. Always have to go meet them somewhere cos they ring and I’m just like ffs I’ll walk to you.

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Sexy Bnvm


would probably pay…20 quid to watch someone I didn’t like get harrased by snack drones for a bit.


ha ha shit address twat


Also doesn’t help that the left/west of the road up the middle in the diagram is called a different village to houses on the right/east hand side. [sigh]

I’ve given up and just order food/taxis to the shop car park and parcels to work.

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Appreciate it. Fridays are your pro-bono day, yeah?

Hello, hello? HOLA!

How quickly rich did you get from your last get rich quick scheme @sadpunk?

My latest Get Rich Quick scheme involved texting @rich-t to get him to come out for a pint on Sunday.

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Literally just waiting for the money to come pouring in, like a pizza through a sunroof.


We had taxis mate, but that didn’t stop Uber.

Absolutely not. £360 please.