My Latest Novel - Wolves

I found an old copy of Wolves recently and, having not thought about MLN in years, have been playing it constantly over the weekend. A really enjoyable album, an almost perfect blend of folk with a post-rock climax.

Any other appreciation for them on here?

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Used to love those guys. Saw them a couple of times in 2006 too, great live band.

Absolutely love that album. Does it still hold up?

Same here. Saw them quite a few times. Great fun live. Thinking of them now, I think of The Luminaire. I miss that venue. What’s the band up to now or have they long disbanded?


Yeah, it doesn’t sound dated at all. Well worth a revisit. It looks like the band are nominally still together, but have slowly faded out of existence. Massive shame.

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that is a bad band name


Great debut album from them, I still have a lot of love for Wolves. Their follow up, Deaths and Enterances, had it’s moments but just hold up nearly as well as Wolves.

Fan here for sure, but I’ll disagree with Marwood in that I found Deaths and Entrances to be an awesome step-up. Fantastic album, that I still enjoy.

I liken them to what I first saw them described as initially, Scotland’s answer to Anathallo. They’re sort of Chamber/Folk/Post/Prog in a very cool way.

Some if not all the members have made music under the name “Alphabetical Order Orchestra” which is quite good as well, although not identical in style. AOO put out 2 eps, 1 in 2014 and 1 in 2015. Recommended to MLN fans certainly.


Thanks. A couple of good tips there. I’d never bothered with Anathallo, but like what I just heard.

Gary of My Latest Novel has a new band, The Albatross (@The_Albatr0ss) which any MLN fan will love…I’d strongly recommend them :+1:t2: