My Little Ginuwine thread


My daughter has inherited 5 different Rainbow Dash ponies from her cousin and not one has wings.

Other known winged ponies have them.

What is this shit?


time to reboot theo again


I’ve no idea, but it certainly is shit.


Did you know Ginuwine isn’t even real wine? It’s mainly oils.


That doesn’t sound right. Look at this picture of Rainbow Dash I drew for my daughter. I am so incredibly shit at drawing that this is probably the best thing I’ve ever drawn. This might be my only chance to show anyone, so I’m posting it. It has wings.



Where’s @dingaling?


Holy shit I just copied the first result under “Ginuwine My Little Pony mashup”, it is actually really disturbing having watched it :confused:


never EVER look at the world of bronies. ever.




turn back. a friend sent me a link to something that made me actually retch.


Yeah I’ve seen a lot of properly awful stuff from the world of kids’ entertainment. People are so fucked up.

Sorry Theo!



(Anthony Hopkins voice): I’m clopping as I write this