My mate really enjoys it when I do impressions of a runaway bull, and I've always done it for free


Well from now on I’m going to start charging.


What was the impression like to start with then?


Slowly moving in circles, grunting, raising and lowering my head.


Charging could have two meanings in this context. Could you clarify please?


If he’s a mechanical bull it could have 3


can’t stand this ambiguity. I need closure.


i’m going to (red) flag this thread






Alright Lulu!


This is really superb stuff Jordan, you’re really starting to come into your own lately


He’s a flexible guy!


good for you mate, if you think you can make some money from it then i support you wholeheartedly. chase the dream


I’m glad your mate really appreciates your impression. Used to be harder before you met him, and strangers would have to indulge your acting skills. No one likes to pamper a loner. :ox:


aww gee