My mercurys in retrograde


Fuck me Bloc Party got real bad real quick didn’t they?


Four is great. No idea why, given everything either side.


i never listened to Four cos the single sounded piss weak


Four was pretty good but… I just heard mercury for the first time in years and decided they were the worst band ever


Great may be overstating it a tad but for me it felt as good as the first album, which was never a solid gold classic but had some great tracks on.


Four is worse than silent alarm because it came out after mercury and the instruments on that record once produced mercury and I cannot overlook that.


Four is really good. Not Silent Alarm great, but definitely an album I go back to every now and again.


##re: Four

I remember it being pretty decent, as it happens.


Yes, I remember us agreeing on this on the old boards at the time.

In fact I’m going to put it on right now.


I shall put it on tonight to get over mercury. Then listen to the new one to make it seem not so bad by association