My mum used to have a little bread knife, quite a broad blade but probably the length of a table knife


I wonder where she got that from?


crafted herself


Forged in the burning fires of hell!


…from a larger knife


It would be perfect for rolls or bagels. I can’t see anything like it.

I’m seeing her on Friday so I could ask her then I suppose. Doubt she will remember though.


I was sure this thread was going to be about how you used it as a masturbatory aid.


Give me a chance!


Give my regards to my mum.

YOUR MUM etc etc


My old man used to cut various things with this really smart flip knife that I’m too embarrassed to ask him for

  • dinner knife
  • table knife
  • other knife

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Have to say that I debated it for a bit and then went with table.


What happened to it?


You say it’s better for rolls or bagels, but is it? Maybe if you’re in a confined space, such as a narrow wardrobe (or buried alive :frowning: ).


still think about this. what a world we/the forces of evil have made for ourselves


would more than likely turn the steak into some sort of folded calzone thing even if there was a streak knife available.


Don’t know. I will find out on Friday!


Buried alive in a wardrobe with bagels and an unconventional knife


I usually cut rolls and bagels with my forehead resting on the wall and it is quite restricting.


Went out the way he would have wanted


“I knew this would come in handy!”