My mum's got an outdoor shower

if you wanted to know.

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My mum has never offered me the opportunity to outdoor shower. I don’t think I would take her up on it anyway.

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Oh we know


Pass on our regards.

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I like these two pictures


Just seen it is £60 at Argos. Has to work for that price.

We have the Krups coffee grinder, it’s very loud.

I have never used a krups product or an outdoor shower, and my mum has neither

Early Feeder lyrics etc etc


Do you know where there’s a lot of outdoor showers?

The town where they filmed the Truman show. Lots of copper ones at that.

Thinly veiled I’ve been to that town.

Maybe you could buy your mum a Krups outdoor shower?

That was on a studio set. Whole thing was fake.

No it wasn’t

sing it


An outdoor shower?

What next, an indoor patio?

World’s gone fucking mad.

I shit you not but my mum’s lounge flooring extends onto the patio so if you looked at the other way around you could say that she had an indoor patio.

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do I have to get in contact with krups first, tell them to expand their range first?

I guess… I’ve never thought so much about Krups.

It’s such a bizarre place.

Purpose built as the perfect town, and most of it is like timeshares and there’s open houses you can hang out in like you live there, so it very much is a set really.

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