My online payment to my local catholic church didn't go through properly

so much for Paypal infallibility



Fucking hell, seeing that appear in realtime is not the one

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This cracks me up every time! It’s the ones where you can see their tiny hands that has me in stitches.

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is there a way to mute a post cause this is freaking my nut out (to this day)

Doesnt work does it

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well no, that’s the entire basis of the joke

the pope asked me if his hat would fit neatly into the corner of the room
I said it should do, it’s a mitre

i can explain this joke to you if you need @Aggpass

yes please!

My vicar asked me if I’d like to come to his sermon about social media and family values, and I said HA, EXODUS 32:4!!

I found this mildly amusing

i’m never sure if this .gif has loaded properly or is just that choppy

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Think its probably got a week left in it, tops.

Recently discovered archives of audited accounts for Joseph of Nazareth’s carpentry business for the tax year April 2BC - April 1BC have shown that there was an urgent need for him to think about how to make a little profit.