My pc is dead pls help

when i turn it on all i get is a black screen with a white cursor as if i’m in DOS

ctrl alt del seemingly restarts but all it does it show the DELL logo while making a wooshing sound (probs a drive booting) then goes to the same black screen again

windows 10

How are you posting this then?

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had this on my laptop recently, hammer f12 or whatever it is to run diagnostic when you boot up

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Have you tried the post office?

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no luck

it’s like it’s not even booting up

took me a few goes because the window was so short.

I ended up having to do a system restore :frowning_face: hopefully you won’t have to do that as it is a right pain in the hole

Whenever I’ve had an odd problem like this it always seems to be the power supply.

Don’t suppose you’ve got a spare PSU to test it with?

i do not

it’s a desktop so would be surprised if the power supply was fucked

The PSU inside the desktop can go for all sorts of reasons. The last time mine went down it seemed to be booting up but I couldn’t get a signal from it. Went through trying different graphics cards and processors and was about to buy a new motherboard when my mate lent me his spare PSU to try.

I’m not saying it’s definitely that but I wouldn’t rule it out.

how much rice have you got?


i’m bloody glad this isn’t at all urgent cos i’d be being so incredibly rude to everyone who’s joking in here :grin:

Do exactly this. F12 is the button for Dell machines to access the boot menu. If you don’t access the boot menu, turn the desktop off entirely, then turn it on and as soon as you hit the power button, keep pressing F12 until the boot menu comes up. Once it does, go down to Diagnostics and let it run. This will tell you if there is a hardware issue. Once that is done, we can go from there.

Dead PC? Buy a MacBook m9 :+1:

Good :rage::rage::rage: