My phone is fucked - A request for assistance

Hello, friends. My phone is currently stuck in a seemingly unending loop of displaying the Google logo and then switching off when trying to restart it. The technical side of me is thinking it’s very fucked, anyone out there got any hot tips for hard restarts or factory settings reboots or whatever?

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Have you held the power button down for fucking ages? That sometimes works doesn’t it?

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Depends on the phone, but usually power on plus one of the volume keys boots into some kind of recovery mode.


^oh yeah, this

Yeah, I’ve had the option to boot into recovery mode and it’s doing the same thing as when trying to boot normally.

Fuck’s sake, I was literally planning on trading it in and upgrading last week, they won’t give me any $$$ for it now will they, bastards.

The power button inside the phone is probably stuck down. (The button you press on the outside of the phone pushes a little switch) What phone is it?
Try giving the power button a gentle tap on something, that usually sorts it.

What make? Can you remove the battery completely?

I would say you can still trade it in, maybe?

It’s a Nexus 5x, think it’s a hardware issue tbh as it started after everything crashed but I’ll have a fiddle with the button and see, cheers :thumbsup:

Time to join the big gang, @epimer @1101010 @saps


Dunno how to get at the battery tbh (Nexus 5x)

3T representing.

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OnePlus? That’s the one I’ve got my eye on…

Yeah with a Nexus 5 I don’t think you can.


Yeah I thought I’d fucked my phone at Christmas because it was stuck in a loop of a starting in recovery mode. Turned out the volume button was stuck in. My pop fixed it though.

Yes, I like it so far.

The camera functions aren’t as good as the LG G3 I had till recently, the gallery isn’t as clever and you can’t adjust the vibration intensity without rooting but they’re my only complaints. Piece of shit phone.

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Does this mean it’s time for a new phone recommendations thread? I need a new one because the screen on my Sony Xperia is knackered.

The cooler guys don’t have the T though

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