My post/mail is going missing



I’ve never had this problem before and it’s really annoying, I guess I’m going to have to start making some phone calls or something. Why is everything so rubbish?

Anyway, tell me if this has ever happened to you and tell me some post anecdotes too.



Weird that mysteries like this can still happen in our post truth era


The postie for my family home got prosecuted for stealing people’s junk mail and hoarding it in his attic. Don’t understand the fuss, tbh.


if it was just junk mail, he was doing you a favour and should get postie of the year


Our postman has no consistent time. 5.45pm the other day, 8.45am the next, today… who knows?

I think this answers your question.


I thought this happened to me last week. Three parcels didn’t turn up.

The one of them arrived via Yodel (something from eBay), one of them turned up a few days later than it should have, and the other, even though I got a DISPATCH email, hadn’t actually been sent.

So it turned out our post is fine.


i feel so alone in my tribulations now, still it’s good that you got your stuff


did that mean you didn’t get the cheap bike stuff :open_mouth: ?

This is now the cycling thread


Oh yeah, I thought a package had gone missing, but it had been delivered to my neighbour and the postie didn’t put the slip through my door so I had no way of knowing.


This may be happening to me, as my weekly delivery of magazines didn’t arrive last weekend. Fingers crossed it was a one-off.


big fan of your work, Gus.


What are your living arrangements? A block of flats? Who could be intercepting your mail, basically?





it’s in the post now apparently :confused:


what magazines do you get, hoogy?



The New Yorker and The Economist.



Block of flats. I don’t think that any of the neighbours would be the problem, we get on well with them pretty well, except there was some trouble with the guy next door when he had building work done but:

  1. I didn’t have beef with him really and I think he knows that
  2. he seems to leave before me in the morning and get back after me too

We also have squirrels come up but I don’t think it’s them either.

I’m thinking rogue postie