My shitty poems


Didn’t know where beat to stick these so GET ME I’ve made a thread. Did a bunch last night because it was late.

Anyone know how to get more exposure on Instagram? I don’t think what I’m doing is great, but there’s some proper shit out there with thousands of followers.


Was it you who did the 400m hurdles poem? If so, I periodically think back to it and chuckle.


I went to see Tim Key last night, none of these would seem out of place in his act. That’s very high praise.


I can’t answer your question, but I enjoyed your poems.


I would copy the hashtags they’re using m9 and ditch them when you get a good following.


Love your work so much, man.

Genuinely funny. Brilliant and funny. As @Antpocalypsenow - very Keysian indeed. Which is a good thing.


It was yeah.

They’re all on my Instagram…page…thing.

And thanks, that means a lot.


i’m shit at instagram and have no advice, but i really love your poems and yeah, very much agree with the tim key comparison.


I did a solid lol at Captain Steamer and I’m now following you on Instagram. Beyond that I don’t know anything about anything I’m afraid.


Thanks. I also really like Tim Key - do you think they’re TOO similar?


I read them in his voice on accounts of how I’ve seen him about twelve times or something now.

I will say that his latest set has a lot less poetry in it than his older stuff though.


i don’t think so, necessarily. there’s a similar feel and voice, but equally you’re coming at stuff from your own angle. it doesn’t feel like a shameless rip-off to me, but he’s an obvious point of reference.

does that make sense?

i would say that some of them remind me of the e.j. thribb poems in private eye as well.


i’m really bad at explaining myself, sorry.


Can I ask what fonts and programmes you use? Is it just Word? They look gr8


Just Garamond in InDesign. Although I’m sure Garamond in Word would do the trick.

And thanks. YOU look great.


No that makes sense. Cheers. It’s kind of like trying to write new music, you always worry it’s too similar to artists you like.



(Your poems are also v funny & good but you don’t need to compliment me back)


well, creative projects never exist in a vacuum, they’re always the sum of their influences, so some similarities are inevitable and not worth worrying about. i know it’s easy to get really bogged down in stuff like that, though :frowning:

regardless of anything else, your poems make me smile lots and often, and i’m always happy when i see you’ve written new stuff, so yeah, keep at it! :slight_smile:


Did a new one.


Just stopping by to say I really enjoy these, keep it up.