My shitty poems

Hi. I for one would happily contribute to a Kickstarter or similar. Your poems are excellent.

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are you doing it to make money? or do you just want to be sure to cover your costs? there’s a lot of ground between those two points of course

if you sold 60 copies last time, probably fair to assume you can sell well over 32 copies this time. so 32 copies at £5 would cover you

depends on what the finished product is like really, can you show us what the last one looked like when printed?

edit: also, have i ever shown you the poet i work with? i do music to go with her stuff

I definitely need to cover costs as a start but ideally I’d like to make some money (because I have none).

I’ll see if I can find out some photos of the printed book. @plasticniki bought one, she can vouch for it.

And no?

It’s a lovely book. I’d buy the next volume, obv

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I’d guess that people are buying the poems rather than the fancy book… :man_shrugging:

I’d chip in. I love the poems.

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I like the heck out of these on the instagram, but just wanted to say that I love them.

I don’t have any books these days I’m all on the kindles but would be happy to chip you a tenner for a pdf!

Is there a pdf version of the first one?

Crowdfunding your pamphlets is fine if you’ve a good crowd who keep coming back. Trouble is that you’ll never expand your audience (if you want to do that, which I bet you do).

Another problem is getting hold of your fans each time around and keeping them interested - if the product is something they actually want rather than just the feeling they’re helping out a mate - then that should be easy. I’ve shied away from doing a second pamphlet because I don’t trust enough in good will (or in my poems probably).

You could maybe try doing some in an open mic at a local poetry event (if you have one to go to) and they might even give you a full slot on the bill (I’ve sold a handful afterwards on the merch table that way) or submitting them to poetry magazines and anthologies. Or go down the Bilston route and get Twitterfamous (unlikely to happen again).

Good luck - I like the humour in these.

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From what the others have said it sounds like £10 would be entirely fair!

She’s been putting some small bits up on Instagram

music is either by me (aka Mischievous Wisdom) or my mate Jack

If you are on Facebook, that’s where she promotes her stuff - the youtube vids have very few views. There’s also a couple that are only on Facebook

I’ve just pup up a new one, but it’s one of those where the ‘punchline’ sounds a bit Gary Larson. Meh.

Big fan of your poems ma man, and I’m not a huge poem guy.
First poems I ‘got’ were Edwin Morgan’s. keep
Up the sterling work :+1:

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Got a quote for £400 to print 200 copies of a new book. A5, mostly black and white (50 pages) with 10 colour pages (chapter breaks I guess). So if I did a kickstarter I’d need to sell 40 to get it going, then the rest would be profit. Sound like a good idea?

Would be cool to offer something extra if people pledged more, but I’ve got no idea what.

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I can’t imagine how much extra I could charge for that (or how to better mr bingo’s).

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Signed copy? If they’re pledging really big, maybe a personalised poem?

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£10 for a book, £30 with their own poem?

I would say you wouldn’t want to price the personal option too low, you don’t want to be landed with having to come up with 50 personalised poems!

This is true, but what is too low? I know I wouldn’t pay for a personalised ‘poem’.

I don’t really know, but I think £30 might be a bit low, a vinyl LP can cost that these days, £75?

You could say that once you become the poet laureate your personalised poems would be worth a fortune! :wink: