My sister got me some Dorsetshire sauce as part of my christmas present

Like Worcestershire Sauce but with a bit more of a kick to it, unless you don’t like Worcestershire Sauce or, if anything, you’d like less of a kick to it.

oh wow

how many other 'shire sauces are there?

Yorkshire Sauce - pea wet.

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Surprised this wasn’t a prize in the pre christmas raffle

That’s made bang opposite where my nan lives, if anyone wants to go say wagwan to Ol’ Grandma 29 any time.

Gonna do a thread about best foods named after counties

Lancashire Sauce exists. I wasn’t into it when I tried it, but I just ate some off a spoon when I had some so it was probably the wrong context really

Will do next time I’m over that way.

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Not shire but

It’s brown sauce. I used to live next door to where they made it.

Teehee :poop:


The first day I moved into that place, a PCSO knocked on my door and asked if I had reported someone urinating on my partner. I had not.

A few months later an actual policeman knocked on my door late at night to tell me that they’d caught two people trying to crowbar their way in through the entrance hall window.


Should have reported them though mate, it’s the only way they’ll ever learn