My student radio project (cheeky)


Ok long shot and really cheeky, but BASICALLY I´m leading a student radio project here at my school in Spain with 16-18 year old kids, and we need some background (instrumental) music to go over the presenters. Just wondered if anyone would be happy to contribute something?

Unfortunately, I don´t have any budget for this, but we´d credit you (if you wish ofc), and you´d obviously be doing a great service for some real hard working Spanish kids learning English. Kind of want this to sound as professional as possible because they´ve put loads of work into it.

Anyway, before I get any more Lori Beers, it would be used in one or two shows and would be uploaded to soundcloud.


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something fishy about yr apostrophes

You can use anything on my soundcloud profile

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this is not cheeky, would be nice if DiS could help you out with this.

Don’t worry about the bantersauruses in this thread.

You can use any of my stuff if you would like, don’t worry about crediting me or anything I don’t really care.



Tbh the bantersauri hath become the bantersauree


Well fuck you n’all!

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Argh fuck sorry was more in relation to the two responses before and assumed it was a joke link. My bad

Is ghostletters really you?! Why haven’t I heard this before, this stuff is ace.

Id love to use a track if that’s okay?

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Sure, most of it is ambient, just use whatever you like!


Thanks jordo :slight_smile:

Genuinely heartwarming :slight_smile:


FYI, I’m one of the ‘desert island discs’ interviewees, so no doubt you’ll find some joy in me talking nonsense about daft punk for a few minutes