My teachy bass


I started making some videos of nice bass parts (imhotbf) with me playing and the tab at the bottom. It’s just an extra part of my teaching thing really, will hopefully grow into a bank of useful videos for people I’m teaching, and anyone else who gets anything out of it.

And a few more. I’ve been doing them when I have time to spare, which hasn’t happened in the last few weeks.

Thoughts on this? Ways I could do it better? I was thinking of maybe some blog type entries with actual lessons covering the basics. Specific techniques with examples from songs, maybe. I dunno.


these are great! could you add a marker to the musical notes bit at the bottom to represent where you are in the song, or does it not work like that?

I mean it’d be a tiny bit of effort (jeeeez) but yeah that does seem like a good idea.


they’re really great videos though - are you a professional video producer?

Interesting. I am playing right-handed, it’s not mirrored it’s just filmed as is. The other way around would look left-handed.

Would you take requests?

I kinda play bass (punk stuff and I’ve never bothered learning anything more difficult)

Fantastic videos man. One thing you might want to do, if you are comfortable with it, is to do a talky bit at the beginning. Just to say why you like the song/piece, any interesting points about playing it, just whatever, random facts about the original performer etc. People eat that shit up, it makes your videos longer, people comment more, it adds a bit of character. Obviously if at the end of the day you are just going for a pure teaching resource don’t bother.

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Sorry to be negative ninny, but the first impression is that the desk takes up a lorra lorra video space.

agree with WZA here

otherwise, these are great aye

also, good idea as @gonad pointed out, to ask folk to comment on the videos with requests etc - get some interactivity going and work those google visibilty algorithms

To develop this point id maybe have the tab just flipping to a new page at the end of each 8 bars (or however long the screen width is) rather than the continuous scrolling across which as a learner would kinda make me panic and lose track i think

Superb bass playing :ok_hand:

jfc youve got some real talent dude, great vids.


I sometimes get the bassline from his sonic video stuck in my head GAH ITS HAPPENED AGAIN

doo doo doo doooooo doo dododoodle
dooby dooby dooby doob




Yeah I agree. Ideally I’d have one of those tripod things for my phone so I can film it properly, and also a mic so I can record myself. That said, I don’t think I’d be much of a presence on camera, so I’m a bit reluctant to have myself talking. Agree it would help though.

Replied to the wrong thing. Yeah I couldn’t work out which work better but the scrolling probably isn’t as good as just flicking through. I think I thought it’d be good to see what was coming up next, but it gets a bit blurry and horrible.

Which one?

Changes. Honestly depends on what I’m playing. Sometimes I think about what I’m doing but it just confuses me. I guess I rest my thumb on the pickup if I’m mainly playing the bottom two strings, otherwise it’s the string below.

Can’t remember now, can you post a couple and I’ll tell you?

Turns out they are still around! Apologies for the long post…