My teachy bass


Which one?


Changes. Honestly depends on what I’m playing. Sometimes I think about what I’m doing but it just confuses me. I guess I rest my thumb on the pickup if I’m mainly playing the bottom two strings, otherwise it’s the string below.


Can’t remember now, can you post a couple and I’ll tell you?


cheers, think that tutor i had was just a bellend thinking about it. I mean fair enough, you don’t want students to get into bad habits but he kept making me stop and start again whenever I didn’t adjust my thumb to a new string. genuinely made me resent the bass for a bit.

my brother :fist:


Turns out they are still around! Apologies for the long post…


saw this today & thought of you (& @Kallgeese )


OH MY. Oh my. What a beaut. Some day I’ll have the cash for a bass of that vintage. Some day.


Oof, that’s the sex. Hope you get me in secret santa :smiley:




yep, its the second one.

FUUUUCK in my head again.


I might be in the minority here but I really dislike preamble. Just get straight into the action please no fuss no muss. Probably why I struggle with podcasts.


I didn’t say I liked them :crazy_face:

They seem to be key to successful videos and Youtube dolla tho


Here’s a new one. @TheWza and @BodyInTheThames I’ve tried a different angle, and @Smee I’ve used sections of tab rather than scroll it. Let me know if it’s any better. @profk, I might also add the marker thing, but I suddenyl became very aware of how long it’d take to do that.


Really good

Loads better without the desk in the way


Cheers. I fashioned a stand out of two ornaments I found.


Another new one. Pretty short, and easy as it’s just the same repeated riff.


And another.

Some people mentioned requests. Anything? Very aware I’m doing stuff I want to play, and maybe it’s nothing people want to see/learn.


@tricklenipple It looks like I keep my thumb on the bottom string unless I’m using it in a passage, then it goes on the pickup. Definitely not knowingly doing it though. I wouldn’t move it any higher up the string than that anyway, certainly not always muting the string below the one you’re playing. I believe that would be insane.


My love is waiting by Marvin Gaye plz boss

or the one you find most interesting off what’s going on


Did this. I hope it gets in @profk’s head.