i’m always having to google ‘mediator’ for a reminder of the rest of the letters.

i don’t really understand it beyond the I/E


typical Pisces


i got INFP - idealist. i don’t think this is accurate tbh i am very cynical.


I was MASSIVELY i, but hardly anything to choose between the categories for the others.

Suspect its superficially helpful but mostly bollocks


on the other hand…



Those are weird, weird dychotomies. Odd framework


shakespeare took this test too??


I like their little foldy people though


I’ve flagged our MB discussion stuff to be split into a new thread, BTW. @DarwinBabe’s poll seems like the right starting post.


sorry folks! Happy to Brexit with you all again tomorrow x


love the gallery of caricature villains for my type -

Hitler, Bin Laden, Trotsky, Ayatollah Khomeini, Mugabe and one of the September 11 bombers.


Good good, we can add ‘Food Criminal’ to that list then?


really not a fan of most of my famous ENFP fellows


some authors I’ll never read and Julian Assange :frowning:


shouldn’t really complain since some people got actual Hitler


Says I’m INFP too but I don’t agree maybe I answered the wrong ones


does anyone know Jeremy Corbyn’s Myers Briggs?


woo I got Derrida though!


feel obliged to say - trotsky did nothing (well a few things tbh) wrong.