yeah I saw!

sexiest and coolest MB type, clearly.


Wouldn’t want to typecast any of you beautiful people really, be what you feel at the time x


I’m fine with being typecast as sexy and cool, though


Good point!


@kermitwormit @MartyFunkhouser



You see I was saying The Mediator sarcastically in an OTT American Announcer voice much as I used to say The Mentalist and then crack up laughing whenever I saw that TV show advertised.



I think it can be quite helpful in forming some sense of what kind of worker you are, and what sort of jobs you should avoid, at least. Just as some sort of guide. I think there’s a little bit of truth in this.

I consider myself heavily introverted and anxious, I’d rather not have to work with (or even speak to) anyone if possible, I enjoy focusing a lot of energy on one thing at a time and I hate being interrupted. My current job is essentially a telephone receptionist role and I find it utter hell. So I’m definitely not an E-personsality and I’m clearly in a job I’m not suited to, so I’ll be sure never to apply for anything like this in the future ever again.

I reckon a lot of people out there would identify as ESFP (Entertainer), my office seems to be full of them. I find these people particularly draining and nightmarish to be stuck with. School was also full of them. I thought people generally stopped being like this after school but they don’t. These people are everywhere.


I’m Beyonce.


Mediator checking in.

Find these sort of questions really difficult to answer though because I’m very extroverted with people I know and extremely introverted otherwise and it’s difficult for a test to achnowledge that nuance.

Also I felt I was mostly giving the shit answer to most of those questions :confused:


I don’t actually mind Myers Briggs, was just riffing on an old joke/trope


This says I’m a mediator (INFP-T)

58% introvert
78% intuitive
65% feeling
68% prospecting
72% turbulent


Same here. I am wildly different in each situation
I kind of answered this from the perspective of when I’m most awkward.


ENFJ. A protagonist, along with @juke and Barack Obama :smiley:


ISTP - was very dubious about it but when I sat down and read it it was pretty accurate.

Very useful for realising you see the world in a particular way, and others don’t. Probably shouldn’t have had to have been told that at 31 but there we go.


Just want to say, big up the INTP massive. GBOLs


my mum’s that too :slight_smile:


Yes! More for our exclusive club!

Is how I’m choosing to read it.


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Mediator. Not sure what good being a 94% introverted mediator is though.

"Damn it colossalhorse I sent you in to mediate this dispute and now it’s turned into a knife fight! What the hell happened?! "
“Dunno mate I was sat in the corner thinking about trees.”


With the whole introvert/extrovert thing, when I’ve had to do these at work the instructor’s always been at pains to explain that it doesn’t mean “likes to be with people/likes to be alone”, but is instead it’s about where you get your energy from.

So an introvert can be quite happy being the centre of attention or chatting with people or networking or whatever, but afterwards will need alone time to recover and recharge. Extroverts on the other hand can be perfectly happy being alone, but would then need to be with people or have interaction to feel energetic and charged up again.

I don’t know if it’s bullshit or not, but as a mega-introvert it’s definitely the case for me that I’m fine chatting with people/talking in front of audiences or whatever, but afterwards just need everyone to kindly go away and let me be by myself thanks.