INFJ - You’re selfish, impatient and a little insecure. You make mistakes, you are out of control and at times hard to handle. But if they can’t handle you at your worst, they sure as hell dont deserve you at your best.


INFP is one of the rarer personality types so disers are 1000% more likely to be one than the population. isn’t that interesting? (no).




This is the one that most of my previous colleagues were when we did this. Our manager read them out at an away day and about 15 were this (out of 24 or so).


Don’t have one


Shut up s_a_d

We’re unique like snowflakes, all of us.



how dare you back talk the pie chart.


Yeah that’s fair enough - I’ve never found MB especially useful. Mainly because there’s too many categories so as a manager or team member it’s a bit like “well what the fuck do I do with all of this information”. I’ve done other personality things (Belbin and one called Strengthscope) which are more useful. For practical purposes the Big 5 model works pretty well in most instances - I’ve found that genuinely helpful!


Sad to see that Bill Gates is on the skag now.



I did the test and apparently 12% of the (American) population are my one, but I’m the only DiSer so far with it. Huh.


I remember doing this thread before and I was a Mediator, which apparently is quite rare even though everyone else on DiS seems to be one.

As said above, my answers to the questions are pretty much all “depends on the situation” so meh.


I wonder if there are a lot of differences in distribution across countries. imagine finland would be 99% I groups.


You all are. Lovely lovely snowflakes. Very individual.

@tricklenipple - Pie charts are derivative, and if its the last thing I ever do it is to destroy them


Oh definitely. For all that’s made of the inherentness of personality types etc. a lot of them will manifest as a result of socialisation, and obviously culture has a lot to do with that.


this is peak DiS


Quite happy with the people I’m meant to be like:
image image image image
Would be a decent week on Come Dine With Me if nothing else.


it is


did this one at work, my major role is ‘controller inspector’ with my related role as ‘creator innovator’ which is apparently unusual as it is on the other side of the ‘management wheel’ (legit snowflake)


This is largely true, but the reason it’s so popular with businesses is because the one function it does serve, which astrology absolutely does not, is a way for dysfunctional teams to understand why they struggle to work together.

We did DISC personality tests at our work recently and, again, basically the same as Myers-Briggs and no surprises for anyone, but it did help me understand why my relationship with the person I work most closely with is so strained. We were at opposite ends of this spectrum, and I hadn’t considered how draining it must be to have a loud, extroverted, “Hey guys how’s it all going, what did you do this weekend?” kind of person sat next to you all day when all you want to do is bury yourself in a spreadsheet and not talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary.


I think the introvert/extrovert bit is pretty valid, the rest of it much less so