This is absolute bullshit of the highest order. Do you work for a relatively small company?

Honestly, if I ever have to say “My name, my job title, and an interesting fact about myself” one more time I’m going to make the interesting fact that I collect human skin to make masks.


The one I use isn’t actually true - I nicked it off someone else I used to work with when I had to do one of these years ago because I found it funny.


Although you could run with “My name is Rob and my interesting fact is I’m Owen’s mate” and I’d be 100% down with it.


nah, fairly large government organisation. it was the second session of 3, and the third never happened as I think there was a lot of criticism (not just on my grounds) so hopefully it has been shelved. It is a shame as I am fully onboard with the objective of people understanding each others preferences, but the execution was terrible. Going to ask for the content of any mandatory training in advance in future


Sounds horrific tbf, but I do have to do stuff like this every so often and grin and bear it. In general I’m allowed to sit at my computer, listening to the Skyrim soundtrack fucking about on alteryx and tableau enough to every 3 months give a presentation and do some bullshit ice breaking event.


Who’s Owen?

Eltham’s mate



It’s interesting hearing your perspective as I come from the other side of things.

My work had one of these events during the summer. At the first break a notoriously introverted person got up and walked out and didn’t come back. At the time I found that incredibly rude and disrespectful to the organisers. As someone who does fine in these situations it’s hard to get your head around why it’s such a big deal, I mean I can understand why some people might not enjoy it but to me life is full of situations you’re not entirely comfortable with so just deal with it? I’m not sure where I’m going with this but naybe it highlights the importance of doing these tests and making everyone aware of each other’s needs and capabilities.




wish I could just be left alone with tableau forever


Another question, do people believe you can (radically) change personality types or is it fixed?


when I was 19 or something I left an agency job and never went back rather than doing an icebreaker thing. think I’d put up with it now but thankfully I don’t have to.


Oh my God, this! This, this, one thousand times this!!!

It’s exactly this sort of stuff which makes me want to hand in my notice, I actually cannot BEAR this sort of thing. The actual work itself is usually fine, it’s just irritating people like this who never leave you alone. Nowhere near enough people seem to appreciate this.

They probably don’t realise they’re doing it. These sorts of people think everybody is like them, everybody wants a chat, whereas if you’re a bit ‘quiet’ then they perceive you as ‘boring’, ‘rude’ a bit ‘weird’ and ‘strange’.


I reckon when you get older you either become more blase about stuff or more intense - I reckon if you took it at 20 then 30, most peoples would be different.


People definitely move around. I think last time I did one of these a couple of years ago I was a fairly strong J, today I’m a strong P - probably mainly because at the moment I don’t have the energy to decide anything really.


introverts likely to have lower thresholds of discomfort maybe? think introversion/extroversion is linked with low/high sensation seeking, it is kind of physical almost. With me I think it is a bit more serious because I do have reasonable adjustments (for ASD), I rarely refer to them at work because I feel I don’t need them any more (have settled into a role and team that suits me), part of the ASD is restricted social imagination making role play very hard, and I really struggle to follow group conversations struggle with turn taking etc so it seems unfair my group is considered to have not done well due to my end of the conversation ratio. Think it is important because although not every introvert will have a diagnosable condition, there is a lot of blurry grey overlap, and ultimately it might be just as uncomfortable for them


Given that my job is primarily home-based and that I manage my day to day work pretty much autonomously, it was weird how much time (and presumably money) my organisation spent on putting my team through this. This was the summary of my final report (which was 10 pages long! A photo of the Unabomber would have done the job…):


That sounds traumatising

I find the reason why I don’t feel able to openly object to that sort of stuff (even though I want to) is because school was full of these sorts of awful activities (‘now, partner up with someone’, ‘get into groups of three’, ‘discuss something utterly pointless which you don’t care about’), it was so normalised that I’m conditioned to think this is what all of us have to put up with everywhere. In other words, if you’re an introvert, well that’s just tough, because this is an extrovert’s world. This is the current order of the world.


When we did it, the first letter (I/E) was strongly framed as where you get energy and motivation, not how you prefer to work or how you’d label yourself. I’m awkward socially and get quickly exhausted by group interactions. I hate working in groups and much prefer to squirrel away in a room on my own, but being around other people gives me energy and motivation. Best example of this is if I work from home, I get fuck all done. If I come in to work, chat to folks between bursts of work, I’m much more productive.


They’re my hero.


yeah can imagine it all going a bit “oh don’t talk to steve, he’s a typical ABCD. just leave him alone forever”

it’s all nonsense and would change on the time of day or what you had for breakfast