My tinnitus is bad tonight πŸ˜’πŸ‘‚πŸ”Š

Feel like it’s got worse over the last few years, which I’m sure is normal but fuck :sob:

I don’t get it


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Does this also work for you?


I have trued this before with mixed results but yeah I should try it again. Thanks.


This never works for me but what does nearly always work is rubbing or scratching my ear. It’s not the action that does it but the sound very close to my ear, I think it confuses my brain into realising the tinnitus noise isn’t real.

I only get mild, brief bursts of tinnitus though, this might not work on more severe cases.

There is a good existing tinnitus thread somewhere I remember? Lots of tips/support

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As a tinnitus warrior (apparently that’s the term nowadays, we’re warriors rather than sufferers) the thing that has had the most impact on mine (other than J Mascis) is dietary changes - try reducing your caffeine and salt intake.

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Barely touch salt and TBH even my caffeine intake is pretty down these days :frowning:

I think the worst thing is the unpredictability, mine varies from day to day dependent upon all sorts of factors (stress, sleep (lack of), even atmospheric pressure). I’m afraid that spikes are part of the package, I know it’s no consolation but things usually settle down with time so try finding nice distractions in the meantime - I find that going out for a walk helps.

Oh yeah my dad says that red wine, chocolate and oranges are bad for his. Not that it’s ever stopped him drinking wine, so take that with a pinch of salt.


Alcohol (specifically beer) is the big one for me. It’s generally mild enough that I don’t notice it when I’m going about my day but if I have a couple of beers it feels like I’ve just left a SunnO))) gig.


but not too much!


Just started suffering from this in the last couple of weeks. Obviously had it a little after loud gigs, etc. but two weeks ago was the first time it really hit me loud (and painfully) from out of nowhere. Been off and on, but almost every day since. From what I understand, the only thing to do is learn (how) to ignore it.

Hope you get relief soon.

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Anyone have any tips that work?

I may have fucked it on Friday. I used our treadmill and thought it might be a good idea to put an old laptop across the room to watch a concert while I ran. It must have been louder / more treble-y than I realized, and now my ears are just tired and I haven’t been able to listen to music since on any volume (my SOTD thread posts are just songs in my head now). It’s like music and silence are both uncomfortably loud now, or like there’s a barely or non-perceptible unpleasant frequency always being played.

Kind of scared I’ve given it to myself permanently with one small, stupid decision (which ironically was done out of concern over headphones leading to tinnitus).

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