My Vitriol for the social board

Can someone fill me in on whats going on with My Vitriol please? Not going to read a thread on the music boards, obviously.




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Of all the music board threads that’s the one you need to read in full. Pipe and slippers, nice glass of brandy and then dig in.


Oh ok then. Its basically people moaning about what a bunch of wankers My Vitriol are still. Over about 2000 posts.

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they ran a very rubbish kickstarter campaign for what was ostensibly their long awaited follow-up to 2001’s finelines. what they delivered a couple of years late was a CD-R with 10 badly recorded demos of songs that everyone already had for about 10 years. the thread is basically just now people going over the same in-jokes over and over again ad nauseum.

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Plus now the revelation that Som is a Trump sympathiser.

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With added shithousery from them to @ma0sm

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think everyone knew all along that they were twats and that internal affairs were setting them up

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  1. Shithouse crowdfunded second album nonsense.
  2. Series of gigs with Trail of Dead as support ended up being a mess
  3. They’ve been sending cease and desist letters to anyone posting negative stuff about them, including one of our ruddy bloody own
  4. Som has now revealed the he hates Islam

Just listen to @ma0sm’s MV song. I think that sums most of it up, except for the Islamophobic stuff.


He was already a Brexiter tbf.

He was also tweeting Jeremy Corbyn before the election about the manifesto costings not adding up and then blocked me when I pointed out that his attempts to make a record suggested budgeting wasn’t his own strong point


think to say its the same in jokes is a bit mislewading, there’s always something new going on


Oh yeah they tried to claim damages off @ma0sm for writing an entirely accurate article about the whole affair for DiS. Great bunch of lads

But enough about the social board, eh?


Ah well, Xylo, soon be Christmas

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just people wetting themselves over my vitriol being bad at management isn’t it? trail of dead pulled out of the shows because the singer had VISA issues and can’t travel. cue 500 posts of people being like “LOL my vitriol can’t do anything right”!!!

nahh thats not whats going on, pretty much everyone said that’s not to do with MV

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they really didn’t. almost everyone was going “visa issues yeah right lol!!!”

Hi Peter! :wink: