My Vitriol for the social board

oy vey

can’t be arsed with this place

Sorry Eric

In all seriousness, a few people did say that, yes. I think the general feeling is that this is the sort of thing that most people would have written off as bad luck if TOD were supporting a band without a track record of shithousery, and unfulfilled promises.

I feel bad now :frowning:

This time last year I read the My Vitriol thread on a long train journey to Glasgow. Felt like a punishment and yet I couldn’t stop. Should I read what’s been posted since then?

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Also, why have single choice polls gone manky again?


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puts lawyer hat on in preparation

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Yeah I think most people believed it was true but found it sort of funny that they’d attracted yet more bad luck even if for once not their own fault. Bit of a ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenario.


never heard of this band before, but why would you make a Shoegaze band called My Vitriol? Isn’t there already one called My Bloody Valentine? Can’t even be bothered to think of a name doesn’t sound like someone else from the same genre? Bound to be rubbish.


p.s. I don’t really know what Shoegaze is from what I can gather it just means lots of guitars and the vocals low in the mix?

It’s music that makes you look at shoes

The kind of thing they’d have on in the background in Clarks.


Or the foot fetish convention

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what so it’s embarassing?!

don’t get what kind of music would make you look at shoes

It’s actually a term used to coin the behaviour of 5he guitarists. At least I believe that’s the case. Walls of sound. Stoned. Looking at shoes

yeah I guess all genres are kinda silly terms. I mean what the hell does Jazz or Funk mean?! I guess the difference is they are both great words

Ah turns out it’s due to the amount of effects pedals these bands use so they always look to the floor.

that makes sense, also explains why the guitars always sound so terrible to me.

you’ve been listening to the wrong shoegaze Bam.

I’m not much of a fan of shoegaze but I think it’s a beautiful word. It looks nice and sounds interesting.

only heard Loveless to be honest. Maybe I’ve heard other stuff but didn’t know the genre