My Vitriol

Can’t wait for their new album, I hear it’s out on September 31st! Anyone else feel the same?


They’re my favourite band!

I can’t wait!



I for one can’t wait to hear what fresh tunes they have come up with. Such a band of the people, a real band for the fans.


so glad that after 15 years they’re finally going to release some old demos. it’s been worth the wait!

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It’s the prolificness of the band that I like.

Plus the sweet natured management they have.

I really hope the old thread is archived somewhere. They should be able to read it.

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Can’t wait for the e-mail apologizing that they lost their calendar and have no idea what the date and that they won’t be releasing anything until further notice.

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That was one of their genuine updates!



Can’t believe DiS got swank new forums before MV released anything.

I hope the new MV record isn’t delayed by the band deciding to revamp their site’s forum, select a platform, do a GoFundMe etc.

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This thread can be for the new 3 years while they crowdfund their actual 2nd album.

Similar ratio of pledge target to actual donations too…can only conclude that Sean is WAY more competent than Som.

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Update time:

Hi Everyone

A lot of you have asked – so here are the 10 tracks that will be on the Secret Sessions (in no particular order):

We’ve Lost Our Way
(All These) Days
London City Lights
Lord Knows How I’ve Tried*
This Time*
Rest Your Tired Head
The Agonies & The Ecstasies

And of course (with video links):
If Only… (God Only Knows) –
NightCall –
It’s So Damn Easy –

The new recordings sound great and we’re excited for you to hear them!
As stated on the last update – please check your order’s mailing address is correct before the end of the month, and anyone who’d like to be on thanked on the sleeve notes for being involved in this campaign – the signed CD option closes on Sept 16th. All the names will be listed in the format of (First Name Surname) unless otherwise stated.

(Anyone who purchased the more expensive items such as guitars, drum skins etc will also be thanked. It’s likely a few more of these items will be made available here before the campaign closes!)

Hope you’re all well! More news soon :slight_smile:


MV xxx

And beneath that this question was asked by a pledger:

Having been so faithful, can i be in the thanks list name too?

…and the response:

Hello Peter and Malk. Som had initially suggested this but sadly there isn’t enough space in the sleeve for every single name. Essentially everyone who pledged more than £30 or so has been thanked.

…so, erm, “we ran out of paper”. Or something. Also, that tracklist above is “in no particular order”. If the thing’s ready to print, they’d know the order, right?

(copied over from the old forum by request from funkycow)


actually there’s a question, did the people who bought guitars etc receive them straight away? or have they had to wait 3 years for the “album” release? i presume the former, right?

thanks for the update som we can’t wait to hear your new music for the first time, especially the tracks that have been online for the past few years

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Roll on 31st September.


It made my day to see this sitting in the main thread list :slight_smile:

anagrams for september thirtyfirst:

Beeper ShriftMittstry
Beef Permit ShirtTryst
Bereft ThermsSpiryTit