My Vitriol


Enjoy My Vitriol x


Did you use paulstretch? Always welcome!


Sounds ominous, but there’s hope!




I can't find 31st September in my calendar

av it

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For the first time we have a proper rival to Kid A.

Love it.




I properly enjoyed that! More!




Astonishing. So puerile but still somehow more mature than the actions of the My Vitriol camp throughout this farce. Thread delivers.


The not so secret sessions is turning into an album of the year contender on the strength of that exciting preview!


I hope that their email was genuine. If I were to try and delay (yet further), adding a few days to double check addresses would seem a good way to go about it. Fingers crossed eh?


Wait til everyone has to pay extra for delivery because they didn’t take the dimensions of the package into account.


They can just fold the discs in two, surely?


A convoy of reliable Yodel vans are on standby. Each album comes with a complimentary ‘sorry we missed you’ card.


Massive Lol. @theconsultant can’t be that successful if he’s wasting time dissing random bands on a forum for bitter frustrated musicians with no girlfriends.

Get a life.


Not exactly dissing random bands is it? It’s dissing a band that deserve nothing but contempt. LoL


Get a life mate.


My Vitriol ain’t got no money, they’ve got their @stumbley

DiS Usernames Shoehorned Into Song Lyrics