My Vitriol

I’ll be honest, I’ve been pretty quiet on this thread in recent months because our annoyance over the Pledge campaign was justified, and I don’t regret helping to research the article, but I really didn’t enjoy the fallout.

What do you mean by this? There’s always been a large element of schadenfreude associated with all of this for many which definitely gets uncomfortable at times, but I have to admit that since Som came out as a tin-foil hat asshole pushing lies and conspiracies, I lost any of the remaining sympathies for them that I had.

My specific point I was making here was that I found it interesting that consistently “someone” had been trying to make their Wikipedia page look very favourable and those elements were mostly reverted, but it still didn’t exactly reflect reality in its current state, so I assumed that an update of some of the inaccuracies would likely be reverted at some point by “someone”.

hi ma0sm is this a joke thread or a serious one? need clarity

*a joke band?


definitely heard of them or at least read their name in other places and thought they might sound like king adora but who knows.

It’s a serious thread about a band whose actions are often a joke


Let me start with a big apology. Basically I meant what I said as a general point, not one in response to your posts. You’ve been brilliant in all of this.

What I didn’t enjoy was the emails we got afterwards.


Ah yeah, thanks for clarifying.

For sure, was a bit paranoia inducing for a while there.


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Looking forward to sauna-ing with Som on May 32nd.


I genuinely expected to see a “July - Album 2” tacked on to the end of that image. At least their entire fanbase can gather on March 29th.

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Someone link James Acaster to this thread