My Vitriol


*drinks coaster


We have some damn good pizzas in France and in Germany, I can recommend some of my favorite places


Shit, I should’ve posted Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean instead to troll them.


Anyone else getting targeted Youtube videos promoting their fanbase-only, exclusive don’t-call-it-an-album?


had a look to see if i could find your original comment to see what it said, looks like it’s been deleted as you predicted but also looks like they’ve changed their settings to stop people commenting :smiley:


i expect you’ll get another add from one of them after this, think theyve added a lot of people from this thread


Fuck. them. really. hard. These clowns think we’re part of a conspiracy


Needless to say I haven’t really listened to them since the lies started. I gave the new album a listen, but the loudness war makes it inaudible. And most of the songs were already released before anyway so who cares.


“10-15 or so people on that board” - this thread alone has 84 different posters and 15.4k views. So Som, how much action does the My Vitriol messageboard get?

They’re so pathetic and petty for actively starting these arguements.


I wonder if that Peter guy can even read. All the points I’ve made went way over his head, and he constantly misinterpreted my messages. Do they even pay this guy ? Smh


I could post what I said as well, but I’m not even sure it is worth it if I keep getting trolled like that. At one moment, I said they were deflecting and using alternative truths like Kellyane Conway. I expected him to react to my shitty joke. Oh well.


Whaaaaat. He sounds like a shitty student trying to become a community manager. It makes no sense considering my responses. I’m losing brain cells hahahaha


still don’t really know how it’s possible to overwork yourself by making an offcuts record over the course of 3 and a half years, over a decade since you last did any work.


Well they blocked me haha. Can’t respond to any posts on facebook. Still can’t get over the “The show is already sold out” stuff, I laughed so hard when I read that.


And the password for the pre sale tickets is “mv4life” hahahahaha. Brings me back memories of myspace, msn, and aol. They’re totally stuck in 2001.


Can someone reply to their fan only shows by asking if these will be fan only before being relwased yo any old sod months later like their fan only album? I cba


I did, just before they blocked me and deleted my post on the event.


MV are 4 life, not just the 12 days of Christmas…


Just got an email from them about Scotland, Wales and Midlands dates.

Glasgow, Cardiff…and Manchester


Manchester, a small and relatively unknown market town to the NW of Wolverhampton.