My Vitriol


shall we go?

i mean i genuinely loveloveLOVE always your way, and finelines was ok i guess, but i think itd be interesting to see how many people are actually there. maybe talk to people about the past few years of titting about


can anyone give me a summary of what’s happened in the last few months? looks like they’ve still not released the thing people pledged for?


Can i help you with something?


I think:

  • it got released as a fans only (?) release
  • it then got released generally on iTunes
  • they announced a fanclub only (?) London gig
  • they then announced a general tour
  • Som and his crew got pass-agg via FB Messenger
  • @stumbley popped up on here

And every time I see a little blue number next to the thread, I pile in and see what fresh heaven awaits me.


Ill go and sit in the bar downstairs


so it actually got released? hahaha fair enough


something got released


They’re only bloody well playing Bedford Esquires in May.
Very tempted.


Bedford Esquires was where i first saw them, seventeen years ago. Also kinda tempted.

They’re doing a WHOLE TOUR allegedly and are spamming it into my Facebook feed

Did we ever work out what a 'fanbase show’s was?


Might go to Nottingham


A show where their… fans… will be there


Unfortunately I’ll be working that Saturday. Welcome to stay at mine if you fancy Nottingham. I’ll even make breakfast crumpets





"Haha hello Jim.

Fanclub shows aren’t booked through a promoter and aren’t advertised in the press. Can I help you with anything else?

Will you be attending any?"

Sent via Facebook messenger…


Sounds like great business sense!


@saps - a bargain at £18.15 a ticket!


^[quote=“spicer, post:719, topic:201”]
The Scala show is almost sold out now! (Tickets remaining here)

Exciting news… As it’s a “fanbase show” we decided the main support band will effectively be YOU… playing our songs haha. Before the band play there will be a screening: “The MV Wall” and the best MV covers will be chosen for it. The audio quality would have to be good enough, but the video can be as simple as you like etc - (but the more interesting /creative/ original the better of course!) Rarer MV songs a bonus! To be considered please email:

It’s either going to be a fucking long MV show, or the fucking Directors’ Cut of “The MV Wall”


What’s the Tagalog for “I’m not really that tempted by this”?


Tagalog? Is this a word that your daughter has convinced you is real?


a show with no promotion. got it.