My Vitriol


Also am confused. Presumably the Norwich MV fanbase is insufficient to support a fanbase show?


The Newcastle date is quite tempting out of (morbid?) curiousity, might try and get a free ticket nearer the time.


It’s a language of the Philippines, innit


Quite (not) tempted by the Norwich show…


it’s for people who are not fans.


Then I am tempted


It may start off as a show where their fans only show, but shortly before the gig it will be moved to another, bigger venue where basically anyone in the vicinity is welcome to just turn up. Ticketholders will probably still be admitted as well.


Those eyes tho…


“Rarer MV songs a bonus!” :confused:

So that’ll be three and half hours of Always Your Way then…


Just bought tickets to two of these. The power of rose-tinted nostalgia.


I saw them in Wolverton this evening…


What was it like?


They’re still waiting for them to come out on stage


They decided to stream it from home on youtube instead



“Hi Matt. That’ll be £14.99 please.”


I saw them last night too. No support band, stage consisted of an electronic drum kit, two guitars and fancy lights. Sounded horrendous. They didn’t even have a bass player, Som couldn’t even be arsed to mute his guitar while tuning. Walked out after a few songs.


Are you serious? No ravi?


He was playing the electric drums, sounded awful


Were you around for the “fan wall”? (They were supposed to be playing a video of a load of fans covering their songs)

Got to admit, I get a bit excited every time there are new messages on this thread.