My Vitriol


I didn’t see any fan wall, as I said I didn’t last very long though. There was a few other people walking out as well


They really are the gift that keeps on giving


Was the show well attended?


Half to three quarters I reckon


Sounds like you weren’t a ‘fan’ hahahaha


maybe this wasn’t a FANBASE show.


Drums played on what looked like a set of v drums (electric kit. Sounded
like it too no matter how well they were played). No live bass player. Lots
of false starts. Truly terrible mix. But still songs are great. Som is a
great frontman. Played a great show. Drum performance was great too.
Everything else about it diminished what could have been a good set. No
support band. On at 930. Off at 1030. The old songs are great. The new
songs less so. But it was the first show of the tour so things might get
better. I am trying to be fair and objective. Not worth £15 by any stretch
but I did pay it!

I have never seen a serious rock band without a live bassist and drums not
played on an acoustic kit. Have you?


the electric kit thing sounds quite funny. i’ve seen electric drums used live for deliberately electronic sounds obviously but not just for normal drumming. can imagine them turning up at the venue with them and the soundman just despairing.


I’m imagining Ravi accidentally pressing the demo button and Som giving him a deathglare


“Here’s one from The Secret Sessions!”


I couldn’t tell if they were using their own sound guy or the venue. The
backing tracks and bass changed volume/distorted so regularly it was hard
to tell what was going on at times.

I agree, electric drums can work. Just entirely unexpected in this context
for me.


just been on youtube to investigate - did it sound like this?

sounds, erm, interesting


Always your Way (Greensleeves Remix)


Yes. Draw your own conclusions I guess!


Oh my god that drum sound. Whose the other guitarist? Not seth i’m guessing!


don’t even know who Seth is tbh


I don’t think the drums sound bad, they don’t sound acoustic but maybe that was a decision and they wanted a more electro sound 80s goth style, can’t believe I’m defending my vitriol


They can sound amazing if they’re triggering a good external sample set but that would require a PC too I think? I’m going off how our old drummer did it.


you could be right but most drummers like that supplement their kit with a few electronic pads, and they’re obviously playing lots of songs that were recorded on an acoustic kit. plus a bass plays quite a big part in the sound you describe, which they haven’t bothered with.

i think it’s far more likely they’re just cheap lazy bastards tbh but who knows.


Electric drum kit, the sensitivity on the hi-hat was buggered so when a quiet bit happened, the hats were going nuts. Guitars plugged into the PA or through pro-tools it would appear (couldn’t hear Seth’s guitar at all). It sounded like they were playing underwater, wrapped in cotton wool. No dynamics, no passion, almost completely bloodless. Lots of backing track, a wall of pre-recorded Som’s.

Yeah, it was pretty odd.