My Vitriol


The fill here (2m20) has totally done me :joy:


it’s the hi-hats in the verse for me, after ‘another day has gone, some other time maybe i’ll…’ when it kicks in, sounds so tinny and rubbish :smiley:


Watching this video on YouTube and the next video was this one.

Som’s shirt.


David Jackson at the Milton Keynes Citizen was less than impressed…


Oh dear…


“On paper (quite literally), this should have been a great opening night to My Vitriol’s ‘Secret Sessions’ tour.”

What does that “quite literally” mean?


-Psst, it’s Wolverton


Wolverhampton and My Vitriol. Shit Squared.




“but this is the Craufurd Arms” has done me.


Whatever, it’s not exactly Shoreditch is it? Now where did I leave that eyeliner…?


bit out the loop, has the album been released yet?


Said Som to Seth.


“There’s always the risk reviews like this directly incurring the wrath of someone. However, most reviewers don’t want to criticise bands or performances…”


I’m going to stop reviewing this review now.





i imagine the reviewer has already been added on facebook


Haven’t heard from @stumbley for a while


“a cover of London Grammar’s Nightcall”. heh.

can’t really argue with the guy’s advice though. “Get a support act. Get a bassist and ditch the electronic kit.”


Last time I saw them (Dot to Dot Festival 2009) they played a pop punk cover of Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold.


i think you mean “a cover of Woe Is Me’s Hot N Cold”