My Vitriol


I think it is a pun that the review will appear in a physical newspaper.


still doesn’t work


i like how even their free downloads actually cost a penny each


Isn’t that mis-selling?


They’ve got a giant glitter Buddha on stage with them tonight apparently


Coming soon to their web store:

Unique opportunity to appear live on stage playing bass with My Vitriol on the Secret Tour! Only £14.99 (+ p&p) per song. Add to basket


But of course.

"Get a support act, a bassist and a real drum kit? Well I was on my way but there was a guy selling giant glitter Buddha so I just gave him all the money. "


Is it just me, or does it look like someone was trying to film that big gun, then Som turned up and sat down in front of it?


You Are Back In The Island! How Do You Feel Man?


The funny thing is, after all their shenanigans over the last few years I’m really not sure if you are joking or not.


£16 for a CD! £30 for a signed CD! Wow.

I think I may have expressed incredulity at this before but still…


Som, why are you playing with an electric kit, no amps, no bassist and a backing track?

  • we’ve decided to modernise


Morning all, so did anyone else see My Vitriol a the Scala last night? Bit disappointing tbh…

I turned up pretty late, so missed most of the ‘fan wall’, caught the end of some shoegazey noise and a pink screen vaguely reminiscent of the front cover of MBV’s Loveless now I come to think about it.

After that stopped, at just after 9pm we were treated to the background noise of a sell out crowd muttering to themselves about 15 year waits, that one good album, and not much else…

The band came on stage at about 9:30. Well three of them - still no bassist, but at least the drum kit was real, and they launched into some of the new songs, much to the disinterest of the assembled.

Sound was pretty meh, performance pretty rusty, and Som seemed to have developed a Reeves & Mortimer ‘club’ singing style.

Chat was pretty painful, somewhat apologetic, somewhat self-congratulatory and somewhat just embarrasing. Finished with Always Your Way at 10:30.

Disappointing really…

  • Yes! And I will tell you about it below
  • Yes and I don’t want to talk about it
  • No - I used to like MV but it’s a bit of a circus tbh
  • No - I’m only in this thread for the ongoing mirth

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more like My Shitriol!


Just seen on Twitter they’re doing 2 x Finelines shows in London in Nov but can’t seem to see at what venue and when tix will be on sale.

Would have gone to Scala last night if I wasn’t at She Bu seeing BSP!


celebrating the 16.5 year anniversary of finelines!!


Are they fan base shows?


I want more reviews! I keep Googling but I can’t find them. Maybe Som is cracking down on dissenting journalists? (Or maybe nobody gives a shit about MV outside of DiS and their fan base)