My Vitriol


One of my friends went to the Manchester show and texted me a one-word review: “Heartbreaking.”


here’s one from Cardiff - another duffer.


this was an accidental like but you can have it anyway


if you like something accidentally, and then unlike, do they still get notified of a like? @1101010




i liked and unliked this a couple of times


It didn’t notify me. Case CLOSED!


i have liked this post and i intend to leave it liked


same set they always do then?


just found this out the hard way - if you :heart: a post and :broken_heart: it within the 2 minute window that is fine. but if you :heart: that post again you cannot :broken_heart: it!


[details=furthermore]i just :heart:'d and :broken_heart:'d a post several times within the 2 minute period but i got this



I think it’s probably a fair use of server resources so that will be part of the flood control.

Moreover there isn’t really a reason you’d do that outside of a test like this or some kind of stuck key, malfunction, etc so it makes sense.

I think a lot of this stuff becomes more server intensive over time because of the stats that are collated over all posts for likes etc. Same reason you can’t delete a whole user and posts once they’ve done 80 posts, or something. The background jobs that crunch numbers will be incremental based on last X seconds or something. If you can delete likes this means other work, maybe?

That said, you can delete posts with impunity so it’s unclear.


this site is too clever for us naughty people!


Stop, you’re killing the thread!


this is so weird and awkward


“DecibelLK: You Are Back In The Island! How Do You Feel Man?”


Going to see them with the lads in Nottingham. Let’s av it


I dunno… 2022?


31st September, 2022


03/08/02 :smiley: