My Vitriol


was this band good at some stage? Or is it just an odyssey of disappointment and abuse?




Yes. Finelines is good and they were amazing live back then.


I still really enjoyed them live in 2008 at Offset Festival.


Rumour has it that they were supposed to be playing a secret set at Fyre Festival...


Literally just read this thread from the start (not the archived apologies) and chuckled many times, good job everyone. I've always found this whole mv thing super dodgy despite deep down wanting to be wrong.

I would class myself as a fan (but not part of the fanbase) so thought I would take advantage of the 'club' show in coventry (whatever that means but reading up I assume they overutilize the electrodrumkit).

Alas, i note the whole tour has now been cancelled as Ravi is super ill. Thought i would share as not mentioned yet and think there's still traction in this mv vehicle!!


I've never heard any of their music, and wouldn't recognise any of them if I fell over them.

And this is easily my favourite thread.


always your way is genuinely fucking brilliant. finelines is good, but not dicking-about-for-a-decade good


According to Norwich Waterfront's facebook page (they were due there tonight), their show is "postponed" til the 15th May, so those of you with a drum machine fetish can live in hope...


Even if you were 'grounded' ???? Ho ho ho (although appreciate this is lost on you given you dont know any of the songs...)


Hum the gigs from Sunday onwards are not cancelled (as yet) (the Coventry gig is Saturday). Strange

Also, anyone catch Som on 6music last thursday? It was...a bit awkward


No, but it would be lovely if you could track it down and post it on here?


oh, was that on round table? I think i heard a few bits, but i was rushing to get ready so not paying attention.


No bother


Sorry for the spamming but quote from Som on the show:

Our fans are like the most extreme girlfriend...anything we do isn't good enough


Oh this explains everything. They really are living 10 years in the past.


Does that make MV a really shit boyfriend who forgets your birthday 15 years in a row, thinks "right, I'll remember this year!" and then wraps up a load of presents he's previously given to you and gets pissy when you wonder why he's not bought you a new present?

MRA douchebag rhetoric aside, that's some amazing logic :smiley:


Som's girlfriend: erm Som, it was my birthday today

Som: What, again? I already bought you a present literally ten years back. God, you are so needy.


After reading ALL the thread I finally understand

what in the actual fuck


Tour cancelled!