My Vitriol


Imagine trying to tell someone how to budget after raising 400% of the target for the secret sessions and still overspending by a huge degree and delivering two years late


shame he wasn’t so good at budgeting the cost of making a record


Have you tweeted him that? If not can I?


i did in less detail


Som Googles “How do I delete a tweet?”


“Shouldn’t you be looking for a bassist?”


That’s actually pretty scary. I love the Thekla but you certainly wouldn’t want anything going wrong while you’re down there, you feel kind of imprisoned!


Weirdly threatening


Think that was aimed at corbyn


his Twitter is protected :frowning:


Proper Rizla-skin stuff, there


what a fucking belm


Apparently you were almost right but it was “How do I hide my profile”



Not protected. It’s a “secret”.


As soon as I think this saga of betrayal and idiocy is over it just keeps on giving!


just caught up on this thread for the first time in over a month



worth reading this whole thing?


Definitely, and the old boards thread too


which is that?