My Vitriol



Nearly the 4 year anniversary of when this started :heart:


Over 1000 posts. Nearly one post per day delay for the Secret Sessions.


feel like someone should contact the people that published the ‘I am an office worker’ thread book for a suggested follow up


Oh, and as a discerning hip-hop fan, this touching tribute to MV is a must:


Even seetickets are getting in on the bants


So I just (over yesterday afternoon and this morning) read the full archive and current thread.
Posting just to say thank you really. I saw these thread knocking about for a long time, but never expected the treasure trove until I clocked this one was over 1000 posts for an essentially dead act, so figured there must be something afoot.
Fucking magic!
Furthermore I have never heard a note by them and certainly do not plan on changing this now.




did they nick the Secret Sessions artwork from a free Uncut Magazine CD? even the font looks the same!


You know, I’d not actually really paid attention to the artwork. Add that to the list of things about My Vitriol that I’ve ignored.


What the utter shitting fuck…??? My Vitriol have convinced And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead to SUPPORT them?! Not only that, but ToD will be playing Madonna and Source Tags & Codes in their entirety?!




Email from their mailing list forwarded to me by my stuck-in-2001 girlfriend. Doesn’t seem to have an ‘open in browser’ option but here’s the text:

From: M Y : V I T R I O L
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 6:36:51 PM
Subject: Special Guests: …Trail of Dead - playing ‘Source Tags’ & ‘Madonna’

Hi All!
We are pleased to announce the first of our very special guests joining us at the anniversary special:
…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Exclusive performance of their classic albums from the same era as ‘Finelines’ and ‘Between the Lines’
‘Source Tags & Codes’ and ‘Madonna’:
This announcement will be made public soon, so to avoid disappointment:

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - THE BIG QUESTION

man. that makes me really sad for ToD


Surely TOD have more material across Madonna and Source Tags than Mv, and that makes MV the support?


not sure that volume of material has owt to do with it. omar rodriguez should headline every show ever by that logic.


I meant if they’re performing two albums, in full, how can that be the support act?


haha oh. i presume they wont do both on the same night?! surely…


i think there are two shows, aren’t there? so they’re playing one at each, maybe?

venue still tbc, obviously.


They’ve been rubbish since World’s Apart though, so I guess there’s a certain logic here.