My Vitriol


ive just listened to them for the first time and can confirm that if i’d heard them when i was 12 i would definitely have liked them.


Everyone should just see amusement parks on fire instead


Investigation completed. It was those pesky trail of deads


that’s very confusingly worded


… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Confusion


Pass Aggrilol


So why were the support band the ones doing the FB events pages?



So MV knew TOD were setting them up?


Definitely seems fishy, Tod knew they couldn’t play when the events were cancelled, not made official until weeks later, either Tod haven’t kept my vitriol in the loop, or my vitriol are up to their usual tricks


they must be struggling to convince anyone else to step in:


based on what some no-mark said on a forum?


just because he’s their cheerleader and seems to be the guy on facebook who said he worked with them


Good god in heaven, Vex Red still exist?


they reformed for a tour this year (maybe late last year) and played some shows with hell is for heroes!


Playing with HIFH again AND A(!) next year


HI4H tour next year…twenty quid! (I have paid…!)


Bargain, if anything


I dunno…gigs used to be 12 quid. It saddens me inflation exists


I saw HIFH and Hundred Reasons do their first albums in full for cheaper


listening to secret sessions. i do like a few of these songs, shame it sounds absolutely horrible though. boxy and compressed to death. is it time to hire a producer? ttys.