My Vitriol


I don’t think you’re properly engaging with the spirit of this thread.


Hiring a producer was stretch goal #156. Would’ve kicked in when they crowdfunded the GDP of a mid-tier African state.


Well… Did anyone go to the Edinburgh gig? I want a review.


Reckon this sold worse than a Trail of Dead solo tour would have done, and that’s why they’ve pulled out. Tbh


Was always a strange billing. Had several friends umming and ahhing saying, “Well… I do want to see TOD… but then I’d have to watch My Vitriol.”


Curious to find out whether anyone actually went to this. Ended up getting a refund and suspect a lot of other people did the same.


A Twitter search tells me they cancelled a Manchester show but didn’t mention it in their announcement? Someone had to DM them to find one.


Looks like the Leeds gig went ahead. Complete with electric drumkit, two guitars and… a cup of tea?


Maybe Som was collecting loose change from the crowd?


I don’t like giving my money directly to Som. He’s only going to go and blow it on Facebook Likes. I’d rather give it to a charity that helps indie middleweights.


I went to see them in Coventry on Saturday and it was massively disappointing. The sound was really weak and synthentic and all crowd interaction felt awkward.

I also really didn’t like that they were selling t-shirts for £15 that you can buy for £9.99 on their website.

I wish I’d managed to see them back in the day rather than this shadow of their former selves.


Sound could be down to the Colly though…

Big question…were the drums electric?


Yeah electric drum kit triggering the bass backing track.


I was never a fan but must have seen them three or four times first time around. They use to tour with a band called Seafood a lot as well as Asian Dub Foundation.


Ah no way!


Yeah, I remember seeing them with Seafood. I think Seafood also supported Ash about a month later too.


Going to see them tomorrow night. Bit disappointed there’s no bass player or drum kit to be honest. I was under the impression that the guitarist from Bloc Party was filling in on bass?


I don’t know why, but this username / post has really tickled me



Visa issues :wink:


Card declined again?