My Vitriol


Unfortunately for SHITBALLZ, they have a very distinctive Email address which showed up in an email exchange from when we were being trolled a lot by the Russian dude and their old account on the last site is suspended which confirms they weren’t someone we wanted.

I’ve suspended them. FAO @moderators


Ahh. I thought so.

On a non-MV-related subject but linked to this guy: have you noticed a pattern (not sure if it’s the same one or two people over and over) where someone will sign up, post a couple of times in a sensible manner (e.g. comment on a Walking Dead thread or give travel hints for Croatia or something), wait a week and then commence the shitposting?


I’m listening to Finelines for the first time in a few years. Why have the vocals on track 3 been rerecorded to the CD version I had as a tiny boy?


I mean yeah, I think you’re right about that. I guess it’s just them easing their way from new member to trust level 1 and the chance to SHINE baby…


there was a US version where they re-recorded and remixed a bunch of it i think maybe?


Ah I see!


Cheers Theo! I approved them initially since they seemed innocuous enough but I didn’t know about the backstory.


Oh yeah (if you pardon the pun). I was at the Ash/Seafood gig too if that was a London date.


Oh the chorus to Windows and Walls on this version is pure dogshit


Because they needed something to do instead of recording a new album


Alright Gary Numan


Oh… well that’s interesting? I guess you mean their first post got flagged as spam/adverts?

Anyway, no worries. It was just a very distinctive email phrase and was pure chance I had enough data to map it back.


Oh god, the US mix thing. Blur’s Chemical World is an interesting curio but still… what?


Yep they came up on the spam filter pondering whether it might have been because of the name though.


yeah they absolutely butchered mansun’s albums for US release as well. the holy bible US mix is horrendous also.


This lot basically just need to pack it in at this point, don’t they.


Maybe but more likely it’s because the first post was ‘ah no way’ which is fragmentary and vague so matches that classic bot post of “yes, it’s good” or whatever :smiley:


“Were the drums electric?”

Philip K Dick’s true sequel which, sadly, never saw the light of day.


Just got an email saying Hundred Reasons are stepping in as support.

Ahm still oot.


Just an acoustic set as well