My Vitriol


Bet acoustic I’ll Find You is an absolute banger tbf.

(Jesus fucking Christ)




Hundred Reasons (one-piece)




Vastly preferable to an overly earnest acoustic gurn through Silver.


I’m actually wincing at the thought of that lead line being delicately picked on an acoustic afjkdaagkvxSgb


still better than My Vitriol though


Som’s just too tight to stump up for a backline, isn’t he.


This literally came from someone suggesting them on the Facebook comments of their trail of dead cancellation post. I guess vex red were busy


Fuck, we’ve missed the opportunity to get the Kayas involved for a proper villains of DiS special.


(Acoustic) DJ set by the web developer who fucked off to make that dubstep album.


“Do you guys mind if we use your drums?”
“No problem! Electric okay?”
"…We’ll just play an acoustic set."


This just keeps on giving!


Hundred Reasons (zero-piece)


Which post is this from?


The sponsored one announcing that hundred reasons are the support.

(In fairness, the email does say they have someone from lower than Atlantic playing instead of him)


so it’s the singer, the bass player and some other chump? oh dear.






faithful Leo is on the case again