My Vitriol


Yeah what happened to this actually?


The people I know who have seen them seem to have enjoyed them regardless


I think he’s only playing the London gig


Thought i recognosed his name!


If I was paid £1000 to sit in my own garden and play a series of My Vitriol covers for half hour to a captive audience of just my own pet chickens, I’d still probably stay indoors.


“modern setup”



Not knowing any of these bands I had to Google.

So you’re saying that they didn’t announce Hundred Reasons playing but announced Freeze the Atlantic playing but a promoter put Hundred Reasons in?

I’m just…well you said ‘in fairness’ and I’m struggling to think of any way, no matter how fair I’m being, this would be okay. Like if I got an email saying Radiohead were playing and then there was an update saying, “Oh well, actually it’s Phil Selway,” I wouldn’t really accept that as an honest mistake. :smiley:


No, it’s a member of lower than atlantis replacing the hundred reasons guitarist in the “hundred reasons acoustic set”


*Freeze the Atlantic (whoever they are)


Typical Leo


Fucking WHICH IS IT?

(Google tells me Freeze the Atlantic are a Reuben/Hundred Reasons supergroup, @Icarus-Smicarus )

Also, isn’t that image up there of the main Hundred Reasons guy saying he wouldn’t do an acoustic set? This is pretty nuts.


No, it’s the guy that has been replaced by the guy from Frozen Atlantic

Singer is called Colin


Any excuse to post a cable song


Theo how has this confused you


Because I don’t know any of these bands so it’s random names and people seem to be unclear as to whether or not this band are even playing, let alone what the band’s actual name is.


oh that’s my pal from home, he used to play bass in Paws which might be why he’s kinda sensitive about the lack of it :wink:



I was at this gig and completely disagree! We are obviously looking at it from two different perspectives of course. However that’s a rather unfair representation of that particular gig! A more positive approach would be actually support those three guys who are up against it and still pulled of a really good show! I have been going to gigs all my life! seen some of the best. Rolling stones, Bob Dylan, Blondie to the likes of spiritulislzed, Morrissey, The roses, new order. I won’t harp on! :slight_smile: you get the point! I am hard to impress and as a fan I loved my vitriol so much first time round. I could be bothered to come in from a tough day at work and head in to town on a Wednesday night to see them. I was not disappointed. Maybe it was not perfect. However i could see those lads put their heart and soul in to it for the love of it and that does it for me every time. It was miles better than a huge percentage of anything being produced these days. So thanks my vitriol amzing night !

ok sure thang randomfacebookuserwhodefodoesn’tknowtheband


Her profile looks real. This is a good opportunity to say ‘as a parent’ because ‘as a parent’ you don’t get out much and you will want to love any gig you go to because it was such a massive pain to arrange to do it. :wink:


stewart lee dealt with a heckler once by explaining that he understands this