My Vitriol


How long before the “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!”-style videos start?


come on man, she’s seen spiritulislzed, she knows a good show when she see’s one.


I saw Freeze The Atlantic this year and they were great.


Should’ve called themselves Hundred Freezeuns


But what about Lower then Atlantis?


Can’t dive down to reach it any more, they Froze the Atlantic, don’t you know?


They sunk without a trace.

(I’m sorry)


This is the first time in my life I’ve knowingly listened to My Vitriol.

EDIT: made it to 1:34


same here, but I only made it to 31 seconds.


Does this qualify them for the 1 minute song thread?


Things My Vitriol can’t afford: an acoustic drum kit; a bassist; mastering
Things My Vitriol can afford: a lighting rig that could illuminate Wembley Stadium in thick fog

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To be fair Ic-Smic, bit harsh to expect Som to stump up both SMP and the wages for a locum bassist…



33 new posts!

Oh, they’re mostly about Theo not understanding who people are :frowning:


Only just had chance to read the review. Pre-amp sims for a live rock show!!! Jeez even kids playing to nobody for nothing manage to cobble together a couple of real amps.

More like My VSTriol…


What’s wrong with modernisation pal?


Apologies “Leo”. I’m sure the decision to put together a touring band where you could fit all the members and gear into the back of an uber was based entirely on aesthetics.


Serious question amongst all the farce, how does a band like My Vitriol live, presumably they must all have day jobs now? How long can you survive on one moderately successful indie album released 15 years ago?


Time is a loose concept to My Vitriol. I expect they’ve ignored the passage of the last 15 years.