My Vitriol


It’s September 31st every day.


Isn’t Som some trust fund kid? I get that vibe from the odd snaps of him sat beside celebrities at fashion catwalks.




The stage timea tonight are out. There is a meet and greet advertised for 10.40 at the merch stand



I know someone in a band in pretty much the same situation. Next big thing early 00s band - big label, a few top 40 singles early on & debut album that sold well. They’re still going, but mainly because they enjoy seeing & playing with each other now - as I understand it, it’s in not viable as a sole means of income. When they release a new record, pretty much all of the sales are in week 1.

The guy I know set up his own business. Only one of them is still a full time musician and that’s through playing in a few different bands. I’d imagine he’s scratching a living rather than coining it.


For bands of that era I suppose a lot of it depends what they did with their money from the time.

I remember one of the kids from Be Your Own Pet talking about using his advance money to basically outright buy a house. It probably wasn’t anything nice, but I’m sure it’s made still playing music in a much smaller band a decade later far easier.


Well, let’s just be glad that Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t a member of My Vitriol


I assume that’s AM?


So did anyone actually go to the London shows in the end?


Anyone else hear @ma0sm’s MyVitrol song in their head whenever they go to open this?




Get “You can’t spell vitriol without LOL” in a loop in my head about twice a week.


one of the all-time great dis contributions, that.

“maaastering? what’s maaaastering?!”


@ma0sm, make it downloadable, please, I’ll even pay for it!


PS unless you need a crowdfunding campaign to get it mastered. I know a chap called Som who’s an expert at that sort of thing…





Amazing!!! (pretty sure I had this down as my track of the year in the users’ poll…)


Did they have an honest to goodness real life human playing bass this time around?