My Vitriol


I went to both nights and MV were excellent.


Cheers Ad


Hey Som


The BTL comment :smiley:


Dom. Sounds A LOT LIKE SOM DUNNIT. Just saying…


“Something truly special happened tonight”

Yeah, they showed up.


Performed that unreleased album in full.


Anything much happening in MV World?


The one in Leicester Square?


I’m starting to feel sorry for them. Wonder if there’s a way back for them? Did anyone actually listen to The Secret Sessions? Was it palatable?


I’m probably in the minority here (there’s probably a message waaaaaaay up about it) - but a lot of the songs I really like. Finelines was one of my favourite albums as a teen, and it’s a pretty worthy follow on BUT - the recording/mastering is atrocious. God knows why they’ve done it like that. Try and grab the demo leak. Much better


it does actually have a couple of good songs on it, the agonies and the ecstasies is definitely one of their best latter era songs. the recording and mixing is horrible though, and too many of the tracks are just throwaway covers or songs everyone already knew.


I struggle to feel sorry for them, chiefly because:

  • they weren’t all that to start with, there are thousands of bands who produced good one-off albums that were lauded at the time and who then disappeared off the radar
  • they have endlessly plugged Finelines as some sort of genre defining lost classic, which it isn’t - it’s a fair attempt at shoegaze/nugaze, but not much more
  • Som seems to be guilty of believing his own hype and hanging on to it for dear life - most other one hit wonders were appearing on Never Mind The Buzzcocks identity parades after that length of time without a release
  • they at best incompetently or at worst deceitfully ran a crowdfunding campaign that barely delivered on its promises

The gig issues have become something of a schadenfreude issue for this thread, and I can see how some of the issues were outside their control (and it’s largely unfair to criticise them), but you make your own luck to some extent. If you act like a tit and then life comes back to bite you, you have to take the hit (and they don’t seem to be able to take criticism at all).


As @funkycow said, they were never that big to start with. I would lump them in with the likes of Vex Red at the time
Without DiS I would still be completely oblivious to them


As @funkycow said, they were never that big to start with. I would lump them in with the likes of Vex Red at the time

Taste being subjective and all, but as someone who was super into that whole Britrock thing at the time, I do think Finelines is head and shoulders above almost all of it, and is one of the few records from that period/scene I could listen to now without feeling completely embarrassed, which I couldn’t say for Hundred Reasons, Vex Red, Queen Adreena etc

But they’re complete dinguses and if we’re at the point where someone responds to every positive review or comment with a sarcastic “hi Som!” then they’ve really only got themselves to blame ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Cannot read about the month of September without thinking “SEPTEMBER 31ST?” every time.


Stop dissing vex red you prick!


I did find it surprising that I haven’t been able to find a single review of it anywhere since it was released. I would have thought there’d be at least one blogger somewhere writing about it all things considered.


I haven’t responded much to things posted in this thread because I’ll admit all the legal threat drama did spook me quite a lot (I was very relieved when the actual document they sent over with points of dispute were all subjective rather than actually saying something wasn’t true. I’d put a shit load of time trying to find reference to every point I made, but you always worry you’ve made a mistake).

One thing that really bothers me about the continued journey with this thread is that these are people clinging onto past glories in ways that’s clearly self destructive. They have problems and they’re not making it easier for themselves. Those who pledged were more frustrated by the way that everything was handled than the fact that they’d invested a small amount of money into a cause that they could withdraw from at any time. If anything, @TKC gets my biggest sympathy (and others like him) shouldering travel costs for a show that never happened. I doubt we’ll ever know the true reason ToD didn’t play into the end, but without any other evidence I don’t see a reason not to believe the visa issues they stated.

I can understand that people don’t like the band, and that rather than learn lessons, they continue to follow the same logical path they always have, but I feel this thread should be focusing on the actual shit things they do rather. There’s more than enough of them, after all.


tbf there are still a few bangers on that Hundred Reasons debut